Don't Let a Mold Problem Go Unchecked

Emergency Mold Services in Kentwood & Grand Rapids, MI

Leaks, flooding are unpredictable, but when they occur, mold may quickly follow. Emergencies come out of the blue, especially moisture incursion and its consequences, but they must be attended to immediately. You must find an expert partner guide you can trust, who knows the importance of speed and who has the experience and expertise to handle emergencies.. At NexGen Remediation, we know how frightening these emergencies can be, and we prioritize your safety, offering expert solutions to mold removal and continuing mold inspection Grand Rapids MI property owners will appreciate. Call us at the first sign of residential or commercial structural damage or spreading mold. The longer your property stays wet, the more severe the secondary damages. Rot, mold and structural instability threaten you and your structures when problems are left untreated. Signs of mold damage call for immediate corrective action now, whether causes are groundwater, broken pipes, flooded basements, faulty appliances, sewage blocks or other emergencies. A partner with experience starts with water extraction, the paramount step in any restoration process. We contain the incursion, prevent damage from spreading further, and mitigate any secondary damages. NexGen Remediation addresses mold removal Brighton MI or mold removal Lansing MI.

If you're dealing with a mold problem in Kentwood, Grand Rapids, MI or the surrounding area, NexGen Remediation is the company to call. To schedule a mold inspection, call 231-206-1481 today.

Sophisticated Equipment

We use industrial pumps and advanced water extraction equipment, but that is only the beginning when it comes to mold removal. We have the expertise to rapidly identify the problem and achieve the most effective restoration. With mold removal paramount, we vanquish mold and its odor to make sure they don't return. Don't let mold go unchecked. Don't attempt to tackle mold yourself. We grapple with this tricky foe for you. If you spot mold on your ceiling or walls, call NexGen Remediation for mold remediation services. Whether it is mold removal Lansing MI cries out for, or anywhere in western MI, our services stand out. Toxic black mold especially poses serious health risks and must be removed without delay. Mold can affect your health. Having mold in your home can be a challenging experience. Not only can it give off foul, musty odors and cause discoloration in the structure of your home, but it can also pose a health threat to those who are sensitive to allergens, have respiratory conditions, or have compromised immune systems. Without proper mold removal services by a certified mold remediation company, it is daunting to eliminate the spores, which can spread throughout your house within hours.

Mold spores spread when there is moisture, even if only a few inches of water or high humidity are present. Unapproved cleaners and poking at mold stimulate the release of more spores into the air. If mold is growing on your walls, floor, or ceiling it is no longer a surface problem and is rooted deep into the substance. NexGen Remediation concentrates on professional mold remediation Grand Rapids MI, Kalamazoo MI and adjacent areas count on. We will ensure that the mold is removed from your property completely and not just on the surface, both in residential or commercial settings, whether in basements or inside walls. It only takes 24 to 48 hours for mold to germinate and grow. Mold spreads in as little as a few hours. Once mold appears on a surface in your home, it quickly fills the air with thousands of spores that quickly spread. Prevent mold from growing after water damage. Proper drying is difficult, and breeding grounds for mold can find their way into materials and spread into walls, under floors, and through ceilings. We will help minimize your mold problem so you can continue living in a comfortable and safe home environment. Our team is certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification).

NexGen has the professional mold remediation experience to ensure not a trace is left behind.

The hazards of mold on your property must be addressed. With each different cause, there are unique damages and damage repairs needed to restore your property. While you may feel inclined to attempt DIY molde repairs, this is ill-advised. NexGen Remediation is a general contractor with the most experienced and certified technicians, whether it is mold damage restoration Kalamazoo MI requires or mold remediation Lansing MI call out for. We remediate any and all damage repairs to restore your property to its previous condition. Immediately after a disaster, our top priority is preventing any further damage. Our emergency team secures all entries to the property, barring windows and doors with tarps to protect damaged roofs and siding. After the property is secured, we will begin mitigating the damage. We will remove damaged and destroyed materials, clean all surfaces, and inspect the entire affected area for odors. Once we have completed our damage restoration clean up, we will guide you through the second phase of your rebuild and reconstruction. We work closely with you to ensure we can restore your structure back to pre-disaster condition. This ensures your property is restored as efficiently as possible, with the least amount of stress and hassle. Our general contracting team works directly with our mitigation team to provide a seamless project from the beginning of restoration to the end of the reconstruction process.
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