Dealing With an Emergency Flood?

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Leaks and Flooding Demand Action. Emergencies, especially flooding, call for a reputable partner who knows that timeliness and effectiveness are essential. At NexGen Remediation, we know how distressing a flood can be, and we focus on your safety, offering unrivaled solutions to flood restoration and water damage Grand Rapids property owners will appreciate. Standing water ravages your property, causing both residential and commercial water damage. The longer your property stays wet, the more devastating the secondary damages will be. Rot, mold and structural damage are just some of the overwhelming consequences when water is ignored. Water damage requires immediate corrective action, whether causes are groundwater, broken pipes, leaky basements, appliance malfunctions, sewage backups or other emergencies. With water removal services, we understand you need a veteran partner with skill. We start with water extraction, the most important step in any water restoration process. Water damage mitigation contains the water, prevents damage from spreading further, and mitigates any secondary damages.

Leading Edge Equipment

With industrial water pumps, professional water extraction and testing equipment, NexGen Remediation deploys state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that your water damage is handled quickly and that damages are minimized, restoring your home or business to its original equipment, with minimal hassle. In rectifying water and mold damage, we've got the expertise and skill set to quickly and confidently identify the problem and work with you towards restoration. Regarding water damage restoration, we have a lot of scientific knowledge that guides us on how to deal with impacted areas. NexGen Remediation keeps up with the latest technology so we can dry your structures and clear the air of mold, mildew and dangerous spores. NexGen Remediation concentrates on professional water damage restoration in Kentwood, Grand Rapids MI, Kalamazoo MI and adjacent areas count on. Water damage requires speedy attention, with 24 hour emergency services, as mold start growing right away; reputation, with experience and caring; certification, to ensure the company has received proper water damage certification; and competency, so that procedures are in place, and the team is experienced. Our water damage procedures are meticulous and we adhere to them scrupulously to restore your home. We start by inspecting the site, assess the situation and shut off the water source. Then we employ sophisticated water extraction equipment to remove any standing water. Along with thorough water extraction, our dehumidifiers and air movers dry out every area. We clean and disinfect existing mold and work to prevent new mold from forming. Raw sewage removal and restoration of any contaminated areas are completed, as well.

Our first step, the inspection phase, determines the cause of the problem, and we identify the water source. NexGen Remediation surveys the affected area and frame the actions necessary. Then, with water removal, any standing or pooled water is eliminated by using sophisticated water extraction processes. After removing the water, we disinfect and clean the entire area, using treatments to inhibit mold formation. We prepare the area to be thoroughly disinfected and dried. Now, our dehumidifiers, air movers, air scrubbers, and complementary tools dry the affected area. Our goal during water damage remediation is to return your home or office back to its previous condition. We also provide recommendations and help for insurance claim submissions. When executed professionally and efficiently, our processes work wonders for repairing water damage to your home or office. We dedicate ourselves to the water damage restoration Brighton MI requires, as well as the water damage restoration MI asks for.

Structural Water Damage

After the emergency, structural drying services guard against further mold and mildew. Timing is everything. After quickly removing floodwater, structural drying services will prevent further mold problems and further damage. We will dry your walls using advanced techniques and equipment, making sure your structures are safe and dry, now and for the future. Our structural drying process includes assessing the damage; removing sections of the trim, baseboards, drywall and insulation, as needed; inserting our equipment into the wall and thoroughly dry affected areas, and finally cleaning up the area and replacing the trim and baseboard. During water damage restoration, homeowners and businesses trust our flood damage recovery services. We resolve existing leaks and attend to unseen issues to help prevent reoccurrence. NexGen Remediation water damage cleanup and mitigation services deliver home and business owners relief for water related emergencies, with services equipped by expert, certified professionals. We know the hazards of water on your property. Our experience with water removal teaches us first-hand the dangers of standing water. When you work with us for water extraction services we will also mitigate the all possible hazards of water, including electrical shock from appliances and sockets, gas leaks, sewage backups and contaminants such as raw sewage, and structural collapse and possible injuries.

With each different cause of water damage there are unique damages and water damage repairs needed to restore your property. While you may feel inclined to attempt DIY water damage repairs, this is ill-advised. NexGen Remediation is an expert remediator with the most experienced and certified technicians, whether it is mold remediation Kalamazoo MI requires or water damage restoration Lansing MI call out for. We are able to make any and all water damage repairs needed to restore your property to its pre-loss condition. Call NexGen Remediation when you need professional water damage repairs. Our professionals will work quickly to make your home your dream home again. As soon as the property is safe and secure, we will begin mitigating the damage caused by water. We will remove damaged and destroyed materials, clean all surfaces, and inspect the entire affected area for odors. Once we have completed our damage restoration clean up, we will guide you through the second phase of your rebuild and reconstruction. We work closely with you to ensure we can restore your structure back to pre-disaster condition. This ensures your property is restored as efficiently as possible, with the least amount of stress and hassle. Our general contracting team works directly with our mitigation team to provide a seamless project from the beginning of restoration to the end of the reconstruction process.

As a homeowner, experiencing a water damage situation is a nightmare.

Anything from a cracked pipe to a broken washing machine hose calls for a professional water damage restoration company to clean up promptly. Contact us now before the water spreads to the rest of the house. A tiny ceiling leak could soon flood your bedroom and destroy your carpeting. If we plug that leak pronto and safely drain the water, we can forestall a serious problem. Then we save any non-walled carpeting and restore your valuables that haven't been destroyed by the water. The sooner you act, the more likely we can restore all water damaged items, including your carpets and rugs. Homeowners who live by surrounding bodies of water, such as a rivers or lakes are at the greatest risk for water damage. You must take the correct precautionary steps to prevent further water damage. We provide many services that include water damage restoration, basement water damage, ceiling water damage, drywall repair, and more. Give us a call 24/7 and let us clean up the watery mess before you know it. Breathe a sigh of relief knowing that NexGen restoration is there to help.
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